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Married Name MARSHALL


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children


Event Type Date Place Country Description
Birth ABT 1667






NameDegree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
ISAAC MARSHALLPartner or Husband16651699-08-02Baltimore County, MD, USA
THOMAS MARSHALLSon1698Baltimore County, MD, USA1783Baltimore County, MD, USA
WILLIAM MARSHALLGrandsonBEF 1749Baltimore County, MD, USAAFT 1783Baltimore County, MD, USA
Great grandchildren
RACHEL MARSHALL (HOFFMAN)Great granddaughter1780Baltimore, MD, USA1860-02-02Wayne, IN, USA
Second grandchildren
JACOB HOFFMANSecond grandson09-29-1807Baltimore, MD, USA1860Baltimore, MD, USA
Third grandchildren
Sally/Sarah? HoffmanThird granddaughterabt 1854PA, USA
Elizabeth HoffmanThird granddaughterabt 1849BEF 1860South Cass Township, PA, USA
Thomas Marshall HoffmanThird grandsonabt 1841PA, USA
George Washington HoffmanThird grandsonabt 1838PA, USA
MARY HOFFMAN (PURCELL)Third granddaughterabt 1832MD, USASouth Cass Township, PA, USA
Fourth grandchildren
Henry PurcellFourth grandsonabt 1869PA, USA
Louisa HoffmanFourth grandsonABT 1869Schuylkill County, South Cass, PA, USA
Mary Ellen PurcellFourth granddaughterabt 1867PA, USA
Thomas E. HoffmanFourth grandsonABT 1867Schuylkill County, South Cass, PA, USA
Charles PurcellFourth grandsonabt 1865PA, USA
Elizabeth A. HoffmanFourth granddaughterABT 1865Schuylkill County, South Cass, PA, USA
Thomas PurcellFourth grandsonabt 1863PA, USA
George HoffmanFourth grandsonABT 1862Schuylkill County, South Cass, PA, USA
John PurcellFourth grandsonabt 1861PA, USA
GEORGE PURCELLFourth grandson18591918-07-20South Cass Township, PA, USA
Ann PurcellFourth granddaughterabt 1857PA, USA
Richard PurcellFourth grandsonabt 1855
Elizabeth PurcellFourth granddaughterabt 1852PA, USA
Eleanor PurcellFourth granddaughter
Joseph PurcellFourth grandson
Fifth grandchildren
Elizabeth PurcellFifth granddaughterabt 1903
VINCENT PURCELLFifth grandson1898-05-01Jonestown, PA, USA1960-08-12
George PurcellFifth grandson1895-04-12South Cass Township, PA, USA1955-11-21Minersville, PA, USA
James D. PurcellFifth grandson1893-05-09Jonestown, PA, USA
Charles George PurcellFifth grandson1887-11-23Jonestown, PA, USA1957-01-14Pottsville, PA, USA
Thomas PurcellFifth grandson1885-10-04Jonestown, PA, USA
William PurcellFifth grandsonABT 1882Jonestown, PA, USA
Annie? Purcell?Fifth granddaughter
Ethel? Purcell?Fifth granddaughter
Mary PurcellFifth granddaughter
6th grandchildren
MARGY PURCELL (BOHR)6th granddaughter1928-06-021996-04-15Pottsville, PA, USA
George Purcell6th grandson
Jean Purcell6th granddaughterABT 19261995-12
Betty Lou Purcell (Homa)6th granddaughter
Robert Emmett Purcell6th grandson1916-02-17Jonestown, PA, USA1997-02-24Harrisburg, PA, USA
?? Purcell6th grandson
Agnes Purcell6th granddaughter
Baby Boy Purcell6th grandson
Margaret Purcell6th granddaughter
Purcell6th grandson
Purcell6th grandson
Purcell6th grandson
Purcell6th grandson
Purcell6th grandson
Purcell6th grandson
Purcell6th grandson
Purcell6th grandson
Purcell6th grandson
Purcell6th granddaughter
Purcell6th granddaughter
Purcell6th granddaughter
Purcell6th granddaughter
Purcell6th granddaughter
Purcell6th granddaughter
Vincent Purcell6th grandson
7th grandchildren
Michael Bohr7th grandson1963-03-311963-03-31
Gregory Martin Bohr7th grandson
Antoinette Bohr7th granddaughter1957-06-101957-06-10
Mary Bohr7th granddaughter1954-03-281954-03-28
David Joseph Bohr7th grandson
George Purcell7th grandson
Gerald Francis Bohr Jr.7th grandson1952-02-07Pottsville, PA, USA1995-01-31San Diego, CA, USA
Betty Ann Purcell7th granddaughter
Robert Purcell7th grandson1940-01-31Pottsville, PA, USA1957-02-09West Donegal Township, PA, USA
Beth Ann Homa7th granddaughter
Joseph Homa7th grandson
Linda Homa7th granddaughter
Patricia Homa7th granddaughter
Purcell7th grandson
Purcell7th granddaughter
Sons- & Daugthers-in-law
SARAH BULL (MARSHALL)Daughter-in-law1722-01-16Baltimore County, MD, USA
RACHEL COX (MARSHALL)Granddaughter-in-law1751Baltimore, MD, USA1804 or 1809?Baltimore, MD, USA

World History

Date Historic Event Category
Dec 25, 1642 - Mar 20, 1726 (-24.0) - 59.3 Life of Isaac Newton Personalities
1682 15.0 German company lands at the Gold Coast Discoveries & Colonization
Mar 21, 1685 - Jul 28, 1750 18.2 - 83.6 Life of Johann Sebastian Bach Personalities
May 24, 1686 - Sep 16, 1736 19.4 - 69.8 Life of Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit Personalities
Jan 18, 1689 - Feb 10, 1755 22.1 - 88.2 Life of Charles De Secondat, Baron de Montequieu Personalities
Feb 13, 1689 22.1 Adoption of the Bill of Rights Great Britain
Jun 12, 1690 23.5 Battle of the Boyne Great Britain
Jul 17, 1695 28.6 Establishment of the Bank of Scotland Companies
Jan 17, 1706 - Apr 17, 1790 39.1 - 123.4 Life of Benjamin Franklin Personalities
Feb 22, 1732 - Dec 14, 1799 65.2 - 133.0 Life of George Washington Personalities
Dec 23, 1732 - Aug 5, 1792 66.0 - 125.7 Life of Richard Arkwright Personalities
1737 70.0 Dissolution of the House of Medici Italy
Aug 28, 1749 - Mar 22, 1832 82.7 - 165.3 Life of Johann Wolfgang Goethe Personalities
Nov 1, 1755 88.9 Great Lisbon Earthquake Disasters
1756 - 1763 89.1 - 96.1 Seven Years' War Wars & Military Conflicts