Anna Barbara Klein


Anna Barbara Klein PETER KLEIN JERG KLEIN MARIE RÖCKHLIN Anna Maria Gebhardt


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
 PETER KLEIN 1642-05-01  Anna Maria Gebhardt 1668-12

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children


Event Type Date Place Country Description
Birth 1698-02-04 Sindelfingen Germany






NameDegree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
Brothers & Sisters
HANS JERG KLEINHalf Brother1668-10-09Sindelfingen, Germany1729-11-19Sindelfingen, Germany
Anna Maria Klein (Schäfer)Half Sister1666-07-28Sindelfingen, Germany
KleinHalf Brother
Anna Maria Gebhardt (Klein)Mother1668-12Sindelfingen, Germany1743-03-05Sindelfingen, Germany
PETER KLEINFather1642-05-01Sindelfingen, Germany1720-07-24Sindelfingen, Germany
JERG KLEINGrandfather1609-01-31Uhingen, Germany1690-03-07Sindelfingen, Germany
MARIE RÖCKHLIN (KLEIN)GrandmotherABT 15981673-12-07Sindelfingen, Germany
Great grandparents
MICHEL KLEINGreat grandfatherABT 1634Uhingen, Germany
ROSINE WAGNER (KLEIN)Great grandmother
Brothers- & Sisters-in-law
Agnes Barbara Kohler (Klein)Sister-in-law1672-10-03Sindelfingen, Germany1732-09-10Sindelfingen, Germany
MARIA BARBARA SEEGER (KLEIN)Sister-in-law1667-09-22Sindelfingen, Germany1707-08-23Sindelfingen, Germany
Hans Jakob SchäferBrother-in-law
Nephews & Nieces
Johann Jakob KleinNephew1710-05-04Sindelfingen, Germany1789-11-06Sindelfingen, Germany
Maria Barbara Klein (Ungericht)Niece1705-07-11Sindelfingen, Germany
Johann Georg KleinNephew1702-01-31Sindelfingen, Germany1751-06-26Sindelfingen, Germany
Eva Margarethe Klein (Wagner)Niece1699-08-02Sindelfingen, Germany
JOHANNES KLEINNephew1693-06-16Sindelfingen, Germany1743-11-23Sindelfingen, Germany
Grandnephews & Grandnieces
Johannes KleinGrandnephew1742-10-29Sindelfingen, Germany1786-01-27Sindelfingen, Germany
Rebekka KleinGrandniece1738-12-07Sindelfingen, Germany
Euphrosine Klein (Grieb)Grandniece1734-12-05Sindelfingen, Germany
JAKOB FRIEDRICH KLEINGrandnephew1732-12-05Sindelfingen, Germany1790-05-24Sindelfingen, Germany
Maria Katharina Klein (Braun)Grandniece1730-07-21Sindelfingen, Germany
Johann David KleinGrandnephew1722-03-26Sindelfingen, Germany
Great grandnephews & Great grandnieces
MARIA BARBARA KLEIN (BAUSCH)Great grandniece1765-07-11Sindelfingen, Neckarkreis, Wuerttemberg, Germany1789-10-10Sindelfingen, Neckarkreis, Wuerttemberg, Germany
Johann Georg KleinGreat grandnephew1762-06-24Sindelfingen, Germany1830-07-30Sindelfingen, Germany
JOHANNES KLEINGreat grandnephew1756-08-12Sindelfingen, Germany1838-10-23Sindelfingen, Germany
Second grandnephews & Second grandnieces
Christiane Barbara Klein (Ruoff)Second grandniece1814-08-25Sindelfingen, Germany1846-12-08Sindelfingen, Germany
Maria Margarete Klein (Schumacher)Second grandniece1801-02-23Sindelfingen, Germany1872-06-02Sindelfingen, Germany
Johann Heinrich KleinSecond grandnephew1799-09-25Sindelfingen, Germany
Jakob Friedrich KleinSecond grandnephew1795-05-14Sindelfingen, Germany1855-06-29Sindelfingen, Germany
REGINA MAGDALENE KLEIN (BAUSCH)Second grandniece1792-09-281828-12-31
JOHANN GEORG BAUSCHSecond grandnephew1789-08-121863-10-18
Christian KleinSecond grandnephew1786-12-01Sindelfingen, Germany1845-07-06Yonkers, NY, USA
Johann Georg KleinSecond grandnephew1785-01-29Sindelfingen, Germany1812-08-09Sindelfingen, Germany
Johannes KleinSecond grandnephew1779-09-07Sindelfingen, Germany1858-03-24Sindelfingen, Germany
Third grandnephews & Third grandnieces
Karl Friedrich SchumacherThird grandnephew1847-03-23Sindelfingen, Germany
Johann Heinrich RuoffThird grandnephew1844-04-29Sindelfingen, Germany1927-08-27Sindelfingen, Germany
Jakob Friedrich SchumacherThird grandnephew1841-02-02Sindelfingen, Germany
Katharine Luise Klein (Schwab)Third grandniece1829-04-08
Christoph Gottlieb KleinThird grandnephew1821-11-03Sindelfingen, Germany
Katharine Dorothee Klein (Kärcher)Third grandniece1818-01-11
Gottlieb Friedrich KleinThird grandnephew1817-09-12Sindelfingen, Germany
JOHANN GEORG BAUSCHThird grandnephew1815-12-03Sindelfingen, Neckarkreis, Wuerttemberg, Germany
Christiane Regine Klein (Kohler)Third grandniece1814-09-21Sindelfingen, Germany1840-09-30Sindelfingen, Germany
Johann Christian KleinThird grandnephew1812-11-04Sindelfingen, Germany
Jakob Andreas KleinThird grandnephew1806-11-17Sindelfingen, Germany1869-09-25Sindelfingen, Germany
Johannes KleinThird grandnephew1804-04-17Sindelfingen, Germany1864-10-31Sindelfingen, Germany
Fourth grandnephews & Fourth grandnieces
Karl Christian BauschFourth grandnephew
Gottlieb Heinrich KleinFourth grandnephew1852-11-25Sindelfingen, Germany
Ludwig Friedrich BauschFourth grandnephew1852-10-25Sindelfingen, Neckarkreis, Wuerttemberg, Germany
GOTTLIEB FRIEDRICH BAUSCHFourth grandnephew1850-08-17Sindelfingen, Neckarkreis, Wuerttemberg, Germany
Friederike Klein (Reinhardt)Fourth grandniece1849-01-31Sindelfingen, Germany
Gottlieb Heinrich BauschFourth grandnephew1848-11-01Sindelfingen, Neckarkreis, Wuerttemberg, Germany
Christian Adam KleinFourth grandnephew1848-06-21Sindelfingen, Germany
Georg Wilhelm BauschFourth grandnephew1845-11-20Sindelfingen, Neckarkreis, Wuerttemberg, Germany
Marie Klein (Widmaier)Fourth grandniece1845-03-02Sindelfingen, Germany
Wilhelmine Mathilde KleinFourth grandniece1845-01-11Sindelfingen, Germany
Christoph Gottlieb KleinFourth grandnephew1843-09-03Sindelfingen, Germany1883-08-02Sindelfingen, Germany
Regine Karoline Klein (Grieb)Fourth grandniece1842-06-22Sindelfingen, Germany
Christiane Regine Klein (Zahn)Fourth grandniece1842-02-27Sindelfingen, Germany
Benjamin Friedrich KleinFourth grandnephew1838-11-17Sindelfingen, Germany
Katharine Friederike KleinFourth grandniece1832-08-06
Uncles & Aunts
Maria Barbara KleinAunt1684-05-04Sindelfingen, Germany
Anna Maria Klein (Schmid)Aunt1682-07-27Sindelfingen, Germany
Sophie Klein (Schumacher)AuntABT 1640Deufringen, Germany
Uncles-in-law & Aunts-in-law
Jerg SchumacherUncle-in-law
Johann SchmidUncle-in-law

World History

Date Historic Event Category
Dec 25, 1642 - Mar 20, 1726 (-55.2) - 28.1 Life of Isaac Newton Personalities
Mar 21, 1685 - Jul 28, 1750 (-12.9) - 52.5 Life of Johann Sebastian Bach Personalities
May 24, 1686 - Sep 16, 1736 (-11.7) - 38.6 Life of Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit Personalities
Jan 18, 1689 - Feb 10, 1755 (-9.1) - 57.1 Life of Charles De Secondat, Baron de Montequieu Personalities
Jan 17, 1706 - Apr 17, 1790 8.0 - 92.3 Life of Benjamin Franklin Personalities
Feb 22, 1732 - Dec 14, 1799 34.1 - 101.9 Life of George Washington Personalities
Dec 23, 1732 - Aug 5, 1792 34.9 - 94.6 Life of Richard Arkwright Personalities
1737 38.9 Dissolution of the House of Medici Italy
Aug 28, 1749 - Mar 22, 1832 51.6 - 134.2 Life of Johann Wolfgang Goethe Personalities
Nov 1, 1755 57.8 Great Lisbon Earthquake Disasters
1756 - 1763 57.9 - 64.9 Seven Years' War Wars & Military Conflicts
Feb 10, 1763 65.1 Treaty of 1763 ('Peace of Paris'), Spain cedes Florida to Britain. USA
Aug 15, 1769 - May 5, 1821 71.6 - 123.3 Life of Napoléon Bonaparte Personalities
Dec 17, 1770 - Mar 26, 1827 72.9 - 129.2 Life of Ludwig von Beethoven Personalities
Dec 16, 1773 75.9 Boston Tea Party USA
Jan 20, 1775 - Jun 10, 1836 77.0 - 138.4 Life of André Marie Ampère Personalities
Jul 4, 1776 78.5 Declaration of Independence USA
Sep 3, 1783 85.6 Treaty of Paris 1783, end of the American War of Independence USA