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Events pertaining living persons have been left out to protect their privacy.


Events pertaining living persons have been left out to protect their privacy.



NameDegree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
MARY ESTOK (KALYAN)Daughter1882-09-16Michalovce, Slovakia1948-08-29St. Clair, PA, USA
Susan EstockDaughter1880-011961
Elizabeth Estock (Martin)Daughter1875-02Slovakia1945-05-19St. Clair, PA, USA
Joseph M. KalyanGrandson1927-11-11St. Clair, PA, USA1977-03-08St. Clair, PA, USA
Margaret Kalyan (Premich)Granddaughter
Elizabeth Kalyan (Symons)Granddaughter1922-09-23St. Clair, PA, USA1973-11Pottsville, PA, USA
Andrew KalyanGrandson1920-10-27Pottsville, PA, USA2003-10-12Enfield, CT, USA
Helen Kalyan (Schaeffer)Granddaughter1919-03-29St. Clair, PA, USA
Peter Kalyan Sr.Grandson1917-12-29St. Clair, PA, USA1990-11-26St. Clair, PA, USA
Margaret Martin (Miller)Granddaughter1917-08-01St. Clair, PA, USA
GEORGE KALYANGrandson1916-04-09St. Clair, PA, USA1989-06-27Hershey, PA, USA
Eleanor MartinGranddaughter1914-10-101989-03
Joseph MartinGrandson1913St. Clair, PA, USA
Mary Martin (Coleman)Granddaughter1913St. Clair, PA, USA
Anna Kalyan (Herman)Granddaughter1912-08-28St. Clair, PA, USA1986-12-01Pottsville, PA, USA
Susan Kalyan (Hammer)Granddaughter1909-11-26St. Clair, PA, USA1989-06-24Pottsville, PA, USA
George BrisudaGrandson1909-06St. Clair, PA, USA
John MartinGrandson1909St. Clair, PA, USA
Sue D. Martin (Kalmuk)Granddaughter1908-10-031983-12Woodside, NY, USA
Mary Kalyan (Bilansky)Granddaughter1908-02-02St. Clair, PA, USA1983-06-08Pottsville, PA, USA
Michael Kalyan Jr.Grandson1905-04-09St. Clair, PA, USA1964-12-05St. Clair, PA, USA
Elisabeth Martin (Klimko)Granddaughter1904-03-262000-10-25Frackville, PA, USA
Susan MartinGranddaughter1904St. Clair, PA, USA
John Estock KalyanGrandson1903-06-27St. Clair, PA, USA1975-03-25Mountain Top, PA, USA
Michael Francis MartinGrandson1903-03-10St. Clair, PA, USA1978-03-04New York, NY, USA
George MartinGrandson1901
John MartinGrandson1900-04St. Clair, PA, USA
Anna Martin (Klema)Granddaughter1898-09PA, USA
Elizabeth MartinGranddaughter1895-10
Great grandchildren
Michele A. Kalyan (Shay)Great granddaughter
Joseph KalyanGreat grandson
Kathleen M. Kalyan (Stefan)Great granddaughter
Charles PremichGreat grandson
Elsie May J. Kalyan (Colna)Great granddaughter
Cheryl J. Kalyan (Shaw)Great granddaughter
Nancy Jane KalyanGreat granddaughter
Rosemary KalyanGreat granddaughter
Joann Marie Kalyan (Donati)Great granddaughter
Peter G. KalyanGreat grandson
Donald MillerGreat grandson
Catherine Kalyan (Zepka)Great granddaughter
Ellen Marie Hammer (Sinkovich)Great granddaughter
Stephen HermanGreat grandson
Marie Kalyan (Hannaway)Great granddaughter
Ronald Paul Kalyan Sr.Great grandson
Barbara Ann KalyanGreat granddaughter19431955
Rosemary G. KalyanGreat granddaughter
Elizabeth Herman (Placek)Great granddaughter
Gloria Ann Miller (Tallick)Great granddaughter
Joseph HammerGreat grandson19421953
George Michael KalyanGreat grandson1941-10-19Pottsville, PA, USA1992-08-10Pottsville, PA, USA
Eugene Paul Kalyan Sr.Great grandson1941-09-132009-06-18
John Francis BilanskyGreat grandson
Eva HermanGreat granddaughterabt 1941abt 1941
Michael J. Hammer IIIGreat grandson
John HermanGreat grandson19401987
Anna Herman (Dietzel)Great granddaughter
Robert John MartinGreat grandson1938-11-20New York, NY, USA1999-10-22Bedford, TX, USA
George BilanskyGreat grandson
Andrew HermanGreat grandson
Joyce FeingoldGreat granddaughter
George Herman Jr.Great grandsonabt 1937abt 1937
Daniel John MartinGreat grandson1936-10-14New York, NY, USA1979-06-30Ellenwood, NJ, USA
Francis MillerGreat grandson
Stephen HammerGreat grandson
Anita KalyanGreat granddaughter
Josephine Kalyan (Durant)Great granddaughter
Eleanor Mary MartinGreat granddaughter1934-01-16New York, NY, USA1977-11-08New York, NY, USA
Mary Ann Hammer (Kersten)Great granddaughter
Francis KalyanGreat grandson
Margaret Bilansky (Rennick)Great granddaughter
Elizabeth Rose MartinGreat granddaughter1932-02-10New York, NY, USA1996-01-23New York, NY, USA
Anthony Bilansky Jr.Great grandson
John E. KalyanGreat grandson
Francis KlemaGreat grandson1928-12-301982-04
Francis Daniel MartinGreat grandson1928-07-27St. Clair, PA, USA1978-03-25Springfield, PA, USA
Stephen BilanskyGreat grandson1928-05-042006-09-03Minersville, PA, USA
Frederick J. KalyanGreat grandson
Virginia KlemaGreat granddaughter1924-06-151980-11-20
Joseph G. KlemaGreat grandson1919
George KlemaGreat grandson1916
Anna Klema (Kubilis)Great granddaughter1915-03-14
Agnes Klema (Alfonsi)Great granddaughter
Bobby ColemanGreat grandson
Elizabeth Klema (Silvestri)Great granddaughter
Emile KlimkoGreat grandson
Gloria ColemanGreat granddaughter
Harold ColemanGreat grandson
Second grandchildren
Alex Joseph StefanSecond grandson
Samantha ShaySecond granddaughter
Edward C. Colna Jr.Second grandson
Michael ShaySecond grandson
Matthew StefanSecond grandson
Eric StefanSecond grandson
Mark David KalyanSecond grandson
Amy ColnaSecond granddaughter
Christopher M. ShawSecond grandson
Craig S. HammerSecond grandson
Gregory HannawaySecond grandson
Jennifer L. KalyanSecond granddaughter
Ronald V. Shaw Jr.Second grandson
Andrew David SinkovichSecond grandson19751975
Howard HammerSecond grandson
Jeffrey BilanskySecond grandson
Rodney S. BilanskySecond grandson
Sara HannawaySecond granddaughter
Steven George HermanSecond grandson
John Francis MartinSecond grandson
Jeffrey Scott KalyanSecond grandson
Brian Hannaway Sr.Second grandson
Stephanie Anne MartinSecond granddaughter
Edward Francis Kalyan Jr.Second grandson
Sherry Ann Kalyan (Buonapane)Second granddaughter
Keith E. HammerSecond grandson
Matthew Joseph SinkovichSecond grandson
Ronald Paul Kalyan Jr.Second grandson
Girard KlemaSecond grandson
Brian J. HammerSecond grandson
Theresa Ann ZepkaSecond granddaughter
Alan M. BilanskySecond grandson
Debra Marie Bilansky (Musser)Second granddaughter
John Hannaway Jr.Second grandson
Joseph J. Zepka Jr.Second grandson
Michele Alane PlacekSecond granddaughter
Patricia A. KalyanSecond granddaughter
Sharon HammerSecond granddaughter
Beth Ehrler KalyanSecond granddaughter
Mary Lou Kersten (Flaherty)Second granddaughter
Michael D. HammerSecond grandson
Brian A. BilanskySecond grandson
Mark Allen PlacekSecond grandson
Robert Michael MartinSecond grandson
Dana E. MartinSecond granddaughter
Dante Del GiornoSecond grandson
Michael HermanSecond grandson
Frederick John KalyanSecond grandson
Gary J. BilanskySecond grandson
Joan Fullerton Kalyan (Curtis)Second granddaughter
Mark Stephen KalyanSecond grandson
Erin J. MillerSecond granddaughter
Barbara M. Bilansky (Brady)Second granddaughter
Caroline MaartenSecond granddaughter
Elaine T. MillerSecond granddaughter
Adam P. Dietzel Jr.Second grandson
Anne Gerish Kalyan (Jordan)Second granddaughter
Mary Agnes T. Bilansky (Doyle)Second granddaughter
Susan M. Kalyan (Naples)Second granddaughter
David M. RennickSecond grandson
Richard S. BilanskySecond grandson
Diane L. MillerSecond granddaughter
Dennis P. DurantSecond grandson
Kristine M. Kalyan (Mangino)Second granddaughter
Stephen G. BilanskySecond grandson
Janice E. MillerSecond granddaughter
Richard M. DurantSecond grandson
Anthony M. BilanskySecond grandson
John David KalyanSecond grandson
Joseph Francis Rennick Jr.Second grandson
Ann Marie MartinSecond granddaughter
Kenneth NotturnoSecond grandson
Alfonsi (Haner)Second granddaughter
Ann KlemaSecond granddaughter
Christina DonatiSecond granddaughter
Daniel M. MartinSecond grandson
David DonatiSecond grandson
Eugene Paul Kalyan Jr.Second grandson
Frances MartinSecond granddaughter
Gregory TallickSecond grandson
James KalyanSecond grandson
Jason KalyanSecond grandson
Jeffrey KalyanSecond grandson
Joseph FrazzoSecond grandson
Nicole TallickSecond granddaughter
Pamela S. Kalyan (Goff)Second granddaughter
Patricia MartinSecond granddaughter
Paul DonatiSecond grandson
Rita JuneSecond granddaughter
Robert KubilisSecond grandson
Timothy KalyanSecond grandson
Third grandchildren
Mason Owen KalyanThird grandson
Hazel Mae KaziThird granddaughter
Nathan Andrew KalyanThird grandson
Noah BrownThird grandson
Joshua Edward KalyanThird grandson
Violet KaziThird granddaughter
Zane BrownThird grandson
Aaron Halim Kazi Jr.Third grandson
Anna Elizabeth BrownThird granddaughter
Nicholas Joseph HammerThird grandson
Ryan Joseph DoyleThird grandson
Adam P. Dietzel IIIThird grandson
Justine Robert DoyleThird grandson
Kevin MillerThird grandson
Cody Ray KalyanThird grandson
Brianna HannawayThird granddaughter
John Nicholas KalyanThird grandson
Christine Marie DietzelThird grandson
Christine Marie KalyanThird granddaughter
Christopher M. NaplesThird grandson
Kristy MillerThird granddaughter
Brian Hannaway Jr.Third grandson
Lori MillerThird granddaughter
Audrey Lynn BilanskyThird granddaughter
Kristopher ManginoThird grandson
Megan K. NaplesThird granddaughter
Stephen ManginoThird grandson
David D. Naples Jr.Third grandson
Aric Stephen BilanskyThird grandson
Kelly MillerThird granddaughter
Marc ManginoThird grandson
Matthew Joe HicksThird grandson
Brian MillerThird grandson
Alan M. BilanskyThird grandson
Ryan MillerThird grandson
Steven MillerThird grandson
Michael MillerThird grandson
Robert MillerThird grandson
Cassidy KalyanThird granddaughter
GoffThird grandson
Katherine KlemaThird granddaughter
Robert M. HanerThird grandson
Sons- & Daugthers-in-law
John BrisudaSon-in-law18861933
MICHAEL KALYAN/KALYIJAN SR.Son-in-law1882-11-04Michalovce, Slovakia1952-11-17Pottsville, PA, USA
Michael MartinSon-in-law1875-111907
George MartinSon-in-law1869-05-08Ostrov, Ung County, Slovakia1929-04-03
Faith Barnes (Kalyan)Granddaughter-in-law
Catherine Prokop (Kalyan)Granddaughter-in-law
Michael PremichGrandson-in-law1923-11-17Saint Clair, PA, USA1977-09-26Reading, PA, USA
Jay Harding SymonsGrandson-in-law1921-02-15Saint Clair, PA, USA1990-06-16Lebanon, PA, USA
Anna Kostenly (Kalyan)Granddaughter-in-law19161986
MICHAELINA J. PROKOP (KALYAN)Granddaughter-in-law1915-11-09Mahanoy City, PA, USA1982-05-09Pottsville, PA, USA
Robert G. SchaefferGrandson-in-law1914-05-181994-12-30
Julia B. Lucash (Kalyan)Granddaughter-in-law1914-02-132002
George Herman Sr.Grandson-in-law19091982
Michael J. Hammer Jr.Grandson-in-law19071975
Anthony Bilansky Sr.Grandson-in-law1905-08-17Russia1983-05-24
Anne Gerish (Kalyan)Granddaughter-in-law19051952
Mary Hupka (Kalyan)Granddaughter-in-law19051972

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