Elizabeth Hoffman




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Event Type Date Place Country Description
Birth abt 1849
Death BEF 1860 South Cass Township USA






NameDegree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
Brothers & Sisters
Sally/Sarah? HoffmanSisterabt 1854PA, USA
Thomas Marshall HoffmanBrotherabt 1841PA, USA
George Washington HoffmanBrotherabt 1838PA, USA
MARY HOFFMAN (PURCELL)Sisterabt 1832MD, USASouth Cass Township, PA, USA
SUSANNAH GILDEA (HOFFMAN)MotherABT 1812-05Baltimore/Towson, MD, USA1903-03-20Bristol, PA, USA
JACOB HOFFMANFather09-29-1807Baltimore, MD, USA1860Baltimore, MD, USA
RUTH GIST (GILDEA)Grandmother1793Baltimore, MD, USAABT 01-1819
GOTTLIEB HOFFMANGrandfather1781-09-121814
RACHEL MARSHALL (HOFFMAN)Grandmother1780Baltimore, MD, USA1860-02-02Wayne, IN, USA
MICHAEL DANIEL GILDEAGrandfather09-29-1780Donegal, Ireland1865-06-04New Gottingen, Guernsey, Ohio, USA
Great grandparents
ANN MCGUIRE (GIST)Great grandmother1774Ireland
GEORGE GISTGreat grandfather1772
BARBARA LAWN (GILDEA)Great grandmother1757Ireland
CORMACK GILDEAGreat grandfather1752Donegal, Ireland1800Donegal, Ireland
RACHEL COX (MARSHALL)Great grandmother1751Baltimore, MD, USA1804 or 1809?Baltimore, MD, USA
WILLIAM MARSHALLGreat grandfatherBEF 1749Baltimore County, MD, USAAFT 1783Baltimore County, MD, USA
SUSANNA DENSIFOR WEINBACH (HOFFMAN)Great grandmother1741-10-26Germany04-26-1803Baltimore, MD, USA
FRIEDRICH (WILLIAM) WILHELM HOFFMANGreat grandfather1740Frankfurt-On-Main?, Germany1811-06-18Hoffmanville, MD, USA
Second great grandparents
NANCY ANN (GILDEA)Second great grandmotherABT 1739Donegal, Ireland
ANTHONY GILDEASecond great grandfatherABT 1734Donegal, Ireland
ELIZABETH GAIN (COX)Second great grandmother1728-01-13Baltimore, MD, USABEF 1797
JACOB COXSecond great grandfather1725-07-07Baltimore County, MD, USA1798-06-24Baltimore County, MD, USA
SARAH BULL (MARSHALL)Second great grandmother1722-01-16Baltimore County, MD, USA
THOMAS MARSHALLSecond great grandfather1698Baltimore County, MD, USA1783Baltimore County, MD, USA
Third great grandparents
ELIZABETH MERRYMAN (COX)Third great grandmotherABT 1700Baltimore County, MD, USA1770-12-07Baltimore County, MD, USA
JACOB COXThird great grandfather1696Baltimore County, MD, USA1724-11-01Baltimore County, MD, USA
JOYCE UNKNOWN (MARSHALL)Third great grandmotherABT 1667
ISAAC MARSHALLThird great grandfather16651699-08-02Baltimore County, MD, USA
JACOB BULLThird great grandfather1756-12-13Baltimore County, MD, USA
RACHEL WARDENThird great grandmother
REBECCA HAWKINS (GAIN)Third great grandmother
WILLIAM GAINThird great grandfather
Fourth great grandparents
CHARLES MERRYMANFourth great grandfather1657Lancaster County, VA, USA1725-12-22Baltimore County, MD, USA
MARY HAILE (MERRYMAN)Fourth great grandmother1652-07-06York County, VA, USAAFT 1725Baltimore County, MD, USA
Fifth great grandparents
NICHOLAS HAILEFifth great grandfather1628England1670-07-13Lancaster County, VA, USA
AUDRIE HAYNIE (MERRYMAN)Fifth great grandmotherABT 1627EnglandAFT 1680-11Lancaster County, VA, USA
JOHN MERRYMANFifth great grandfather1599-05-04Quedgeley, Gloucester, England1673/1674-01-13Lancaster County, VA, USA
MARY?? TRAVERS?? (HAILE)Fifth great grandmother
Nephews & Nieces
Henry PurcellNephewabt 1869PA, USA
Louisa HoffmanNephewABT 1869Schuylkill County, South Cass, PA, USA
Mary Ellen PurcellNieceabt 1867PA, USA
Thomas E. HoffmanNephewABT 1867Schuylkill County, South Cass, PA, USA
Charles PurcellNephewabt 1865PA, USA
Elizabeth A. HoffmanNieceABT 1865Schuylkill County, South Cass, PA, USA
Thomas PurcellNephewabt 1863PA, USA
George HoffmanNephewABT 1862Schuylkill County, South Cass, PA, USA
John PurcellNephewabt 1861PA, USA
GEORGE PURCELLNephew18591918-07-20South Cass Township, PA, USA
Ann PurcellNieceabt 1857PA, USA
Richard PurcellNephewabt 1855
Elizabeth PurcellNieceabt 1852PA, USA
Eleanor PurcellNiece
Joseph PurcellNephew
Grandnephews & Grandnieces
Elizabeth PurcellGrandnieceabt 1903
VINCENT PURCELLGrandnephew1898-05-01Jonestown, PA, USA1960-08-12
George PurcellGrandnephew1895-04-12South Cass Township, PA, USA1955-11-21Minersville, PA, USA
James D. PurcellGrandnephew1893-05-09Jonestown, PA, USA
Charles George PurcellGrandnephew1887-11-23Jonestown, PA, USA1957-01-14Pottsville, PA, USA
Thomas PurcellGrandnephew1885-10-04Jonestown, PA, USA
William PurcellGrandnephewABT 1882Jonestown, PA, USA
Annie? Purcell?Grandniece
Ethel? Purcell?Grandniece
Mary PurcellGrandniece
Great grandnephews & Great grandnieces
MARGY PURCELL (BOHR)Great grandniece1928-06-021996-04-15Pottsville, PA, USA
George PurcellGreat grandnephew
Jean PurcellGreat grandnieceABT 19261995-12
Betty Lou Purcell (Homa)Great grandniece
Robert Emmett PurcellGreat grandnephew1916-02-17Jonestown, PA, USA1997-02-24Harrisburg, PA, USA
?? PurcellGreat grandnephew
Agnes PurcellGreat grandniece
Baby Boy PurcellGreat grandnephew
Margaret PurcellGreat grandniece
PurcellGreat grandniece
PurcellGreat grandniece
PurcellGreat grandniece
PurcellGreat grandniece
PurcellGreat grandniece
PurcellGreat grandniece
PurcellGreat grandnephew
PurcellGreat grandnephew
PurcellGreat grandnephew
PurcellGreat grandnephew
PurcellGreat grandnephew
PurcellGreat grandnephew
PurcellGreat grandnephew
PurcellGreat grandnephew
PurcellGreat grandnephew
Vincent PurcellGreat grandnephew
Second grandnephews & Second grandnieces
Michael BohrSecond grandnephew1963-03-311963-03-31
Gregory Martin BohrSecond grandnephew
Antoinette BohrSecond grandniece1957-06-101957-06-10
Mary BohrSecond grandniece1954-03-281954-03-28
David Joseph BohrSecond grandnephew
George PurcellSecond grandnephew
Gerald Francis Bohr Jr.Second grandnephew1952-02-07Pottsville, PA, USA1995-01-31San Diego, CA, USA
Betty Ann PurcellSecond grandniece
Robert PurcellSecond grandnephew1940-01-31Pottsville, PA, USA1957-02-09West Donegal Township, PA, USA
Beth Ann HomaSecond grandniece
Joseph HomaSecond grandnephew
Linda HomaSecond grandniece
Patricia HomaSecond grandniece
PurcellSecond grandnephew
PurcellSecond grandniece
Third grandnephews & Third grandnieces
Alexis Leigh BohrThird grandniece
Angelique Marie Bohr (Schultz)Third grandniece
George PurcellThird grandnephew
Mark David KalyanThird grandnephew
Angie PurcellThird grandniece
MICHAEL PAUL KALYANThird grandnephew
Edward Francis Kalyan Jr.Third grandnephew
Amber CzuladaThird grandniece
Amy CzuladaThird grandniece
Peter CzuladaThird grandnephew
Fourth grandnephews & Fourth grandnieces
Mason Owen KalyanFourth grandnephew
Nathan Andrew KalyanFourth grandnephew
Olivia Delane SchultzFourth grandniece
Joshua Edward KalyanFourth grandnephew
Uncles & Aunts
David GildeaUncle1838Guernsey County, Ohio, USA1906
Mary Ellen GildeaAunt1832Guernsey County, Ohio, USA1866
George Washington GildeaUncle1816Emmitsburg, MD, USA1899
Great uncles & Great aunts
Susanna HoffmanGreat aunt17831786
Felix GildeaGreat uncle1781Donegal, Ireland1836Baltimore, MD, USA
Peter HoffmanGreat uncle1779-09-011864-08-20
Jacob HoffmanGreat uncle1778-02-201778-10-15
Henry HoffmanGreat uncle1776-021815
Christian HoffmanGreat uncle1773-09-191833-01-20
John GildeaGreat uncle1770Donegal, Ireland1815Emmitsburg, MD, USA
Cormack Gildea Jr.Great uncle
Edward GildeaGreat uncle
William HoffmanGreat uncle
Second cousins
Alonzo Lucas BarrySecond cousin (m)
Edward Tiberius BarrySecond cousin (m)
Helen L. BarrySecond cousin (f)
Hugh Vincent BarrySecond cousin (m)
John B. BarrySecond cousin (m)
John F. BarrySecond cousin (m)
John G. BarrySecond cousin (m)
John Joseph BarrySecond cousin (m)
Mary Catherine BarrySecond cousin (f)
1st cousins once removed up
Helen Regina Gildea (Key)1st cousin once removed up (f)1811
Mary Anne Gildea (Barry)1st cousin once removed up (f)18071846Emmitsburg, MD, USA
Charles Daniel Gildea1st cousin once removed up (m)1805Baltimore, MD, USA
Rev. John Baptist Gildea1st cousin once removed up (m)1804Baltimore, MD, USA1845Baltimore, MD, USA
Catherine Gildea1st cousin once removed up (f)
John Gildea1st cousin once removed up (m)
Michael? Gildea1st cousin once removed up (m)

World History

Date Historic Event Category
Feb 12, 1809 - Apr 15, 1865 (-39.9) - 16.3 Life of Abraham Lincoln Personalities
Feb 12, 1809 - Apr 19, 1882 (-39.9) - 33.3 Life of Charles Robert Darwin Personalities
Feb 7, 1812 - Jun 9, 1870 (-36.9) - 21.4 Life of Charles John Huffam Dickens Personalities
Dec 13, 1816 - Dec 6, 1892 (-32.1) - 44.0 Life of Werner von Siemens Personalities
Dec 30, 1819 - Sep 20, 1890 (-29.0) - 41.7 Life of Theodor Fontane Personalities
Dec 15, 1832 - Dec 27, 1923 (-16.1) - 75.0 Life of Gustave Eiffel Personalities
Mar 17, 1834 - Mar 6, 1900 (-14.8) - 51.2 Life of Gottlieb Wilhelm Daimler Personalities
Jul 8, 1838 - Mar 8, 1917 (-10.5) - 68.2 Life of Ferdinand von Zeppelin Personalities
Dec 11, 1843 - May 27, 1910 (-5.1) - 61.4 Life of Robert Koch Personalities
Nov 25, 1844 - Apr 4, 1929 (-4.1) - 80.3 Life of Carl Benz Personalities
Mar 4, 1845 - Mar 4, 1849 (-3.8) - 0.2 President of the United States of America: James K. Polk USA - Presidents
Feb 11, 1847 - Oct 18, 1931 (-1.9) - 82.8 Life of Thomas Alva Edison Personalities
Mar 3, 1847 - Aug 1, 1922 (-1.8) - 73.6 Life of Alexander Graham Bell Personalities
Mar 1, 1848 - Sep 30, 1849 (-0.8) - 0.7 Revolutions of 1848/1849 in the German Confederation Germany
Mar 31, 1848 - Apr 3, 1849 (-0.8) - 0.3 The National Assembly meets in the Frankfurt St. Paul's Church Germany
1849 Establishment of Pfizer Companies
Mar 4, 1849 - Jul 9, 1850 0.2 - 1.5 President of the United States of America: Zachary Taylor USA - Presidents
1850 1.0 Establishment of the American Express Company Companies
Jul 9, 1850 - Mar 4, 1853 1.5 - 4.2 President of the United States of America: Millard Fillmore USA - Presidents
1851 2.0 Establishment of Reuters Companies
1851 2.0 Establishment of the New York Times Companies
1851 2.0 Western Union established Companies
Dec 2, 1852 - Sep 4, 1870 3.9 - 21.7 Emperor of France: Napoleon III France
1853 4.0 Establishment of Levi Strauss & Co Companies
Mar 4, 1853 - Mar 4, 1857 4.2 - 8.2 President of the United States of America: Franklin Pierce USA - Presidents
May 6, 1856 - Sep 23, 1939 7.3 - 90.8 Life of Sigmund Freud Personalities
Mar 4, 1857 - Mar 4, 1861 8.2 - 12.2 President of the United States of America: James Buchanan USA - Presidents
1859 10.0 Construction period of Big Ben Monuments