Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
 GEORGE KALYAN 1916-04-09  MICHAELINA J. PROKOP 1915-11-09

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children
 SHARON FRANCES BOHR  Edward Francis Kalyan Jr.
 Mark David Kalyan


Events pertaining living persons have been left out to protect their privacy.


Events pertaining living persons have been left out to protect their privacy.


Events pertaining living persons have been left out to protect their privacy.


Events pertaining living persons have been left out to protect their privacy.



NameDegree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
Brothers & Sisters
Ronald Paul Kalyan Sr.Brother
George Michael KalyanBrother1941-10-19Pottsville, PA, USA1992-08-10Pottsville, PA, USA
Mark David KalyanSon
Edward Francis Kalyan Jr.Son
GEORGE KALYANFather1916-04-09St. Clair, PA, USA1989-06-27Hershey, PA, USA
MICHAELINA J. PROKOP (KALYAN)Mother1915-11-09Mahanoy City, PA, USA1982-05-09Pottsville, PA, USA
Mason Owen KalyanGrandson
Nathan Andrew KalyanGrandson
Joshua Edward KalyanGrandson
CATHERINE HUZAR (PROKOP)Grandmother1894-05-01Galicia, Poland1978-08-04
MICHAEL PROKOPGrandfather1893-10-02Galicia, Poland1948-02-03
MICHAEL KALYAN/KALYIJAN SR.Grandfather1882-11-04Michalovce, Slovakia1952-11-17Pottsville, PA, USA
MARY ESTOK (KALYAN)Grandmother1882-09-16Michalovce, Slovakia1948-08-29St. Clair, PA, USA
Great grandparents
PETER KALYIJANGreat grandfatherabt 1852
ANNA ?? (KALYIJAN)Great grandmother
ESTOKGreat grandfather
MARGY PURCELL (BOHR)Mother-in-law1928-06-021996-04-15Pottsville, PA, USA
GERALD FRANCIS BOHR SR.Father-in-law1926-05-17Pottsville, PA, USA2010-03-07Mechanicsville, PA, USA
Sons- & Daugthers-in-law
Alexandra Marie Kerick (Kalyan)Daughter-in-law
Rachel Louise Kurtz (Kalyan)Daughter-in-law
Brothers- & Sisters-in-law
Michael BohrBrother-in-law1963-03-311963-03-31
Gregory Martin BohrBrother-in-law
Antoinette BohrSister-in-law1957-06-101957-06-10
Mary BohrSister-in-law1954-03-281954-03-28
David Joseph BohrBrother-in-law
Gerald Francis Bohr Jr.Brother-in-law1952-02-07Pottsville, PA, USA1995-01-31San Diego, CA, USA
Diane Marie Piaskowski (Kalyan)Sister-in-law
Carol Louise Jones (Kalyan)Sister-in-law19432010
Nephews & Nieces
Alexis Leigh BohrNiece-in-law
Angelique Marie Bohr (Schultz)Niece-in-law
Jennifer L. KalyanNiece
Jeffrey Scott KalyanNephew
Sherry Ann Kalyan (Buonapane)Niece
Ronald Paul Kalyan Jr.Nephew
Grandnephews & Grandnieces
Hazel Mae KaziGrandniece
Olivia Delane SchultzGrandniece-in-law
Violet KaziGrandniece
Aaron Halim Kazi Jr.Grandnephew
Cody Ray KalyanGrandnephew
Cassidy KalyanGrandniece
Uncles & Aunts
Anna ProkopAunt19921925
Joseph M. KalyanUncle1927-11-11St. Clair, PA, USA1977-03-08St. Clair, PA, USA
Paul ProkopUncle1927-05-152004-01-17St. Clair, PA, USA
Margaret Kalyan (Premich)Aunt
Catherine Prokop (Kalyan)Aunt
Elizabeth Kalyan (Symons)Aunt1922-09-23St. Clair, PA, USA1973-11Pottsville, PA, USA
Andrew KalyanUncle1920-10-27Pottsville, PA, USA2003-10-12Enfield, CT, USA
Helen Kalyan (Schaeffer)Aunt1919-03-29St. Clair, PA, USA
John Prokop Sr.Uncle19181963
Peter Kalyan Sr.Uncle1917-12-29St. Clair, PA, USA1990-11-26St. Clair, PA, USA
Anna Kalyan (Herman)Aunt1912-08-28St. Clair, PA, USA1986-12-01Pottsville, PA, USA
Susan Kalyan (Hammer)Aunt1909-11-26St. Clair, PA, USA1989-06-24Pottsville, PA, USA
Mary Kalyan (Bilansky)Aunt1908-02-02St. Clair, PA, USA1983-06-08Pottsville, PA, USA
Michael Kalyan Jr.Uncle1905-04-09St. Clair, PA, USA1964-12-05St. Clair, PA, USA
John Estock KalyanUncle1903-06-27St. Clair, PA, USA1975-03-25Mountain Top, PA, USA
Mary ProkopAunt
Stephen M. ProkopUncle1989-06-13
Great uncles & Great aunts
Susan EstockGreat aunt1880-011961
Elizabeth Estock (Martin)Great aunt1875-02Slovakia1945-05-19St. Clair, PA, USA
Uncles-in-law & Aunts-in-law
Faith Barnes (Kalyan)Aunt-in-law
Catherine Prokop (Kalyan)Aunt-in-law
Michael PremichUncle-in-law1923-11-17Saint Clair, PA, USA1977-09-26Reading, PA, USA
Jay Harding SymonsUncle-in-law1921-02-15Saint Clair, PA, USA1990-06-16Lebanon, PA, USA
Andrew KalyanUncle-in-law1920-10-27Pottsville, PA, USA2003-10-12Enfield, CT, USA
Anna Kostenly (Kalyan)Aunt-in-law19161986
Robert G. SchaefferUncle-in-law1914-05-181994-12-30
Julia B. Lucash (Kalyan)Aunt-in-law1914-02-132002
George Herman Sr.Uncle-in-law19091982
Michael J. Hammer Jr.Uncle-in-law19071975
Anthony Bilansky Sr.Uncle-in-law1905-08-17Russia1983-05-24
Anne Gerish (Kalyan)Aunt-in-law19051952
Mary Hupka (Kalyan)Aunt-in-law19051972
(Great uncles & Great aunts)-in-law
John BrisudaGreat uncle-in-law18861933
Michael MartinGreat uncle-in-law1875-111907
George MartinGreat uncle-in-law1869-05-08Ostrov, Ung County, Slovakia1929-04-03
Michele A. Kalyan (Shay)First cousin (f)
Joseph KalyanFirst cousin (m)
Kathleen M. Kalyan (Stefan)First cousin (f)
Charles PremichFirst cousin (m)
Elsie May J. Kalyan (Colna)First cousin (f)
Cheryl J. Kalyan (Shaw)First cousin (f)
Nancy Jane KalyanFirst cousin (f)
Rosemary KalyanFirst cousin (f)
Joann Marie Kalyan (Donati)First cousin (f)
Peter G. KalyanFirst cousin (m)
Catherine Kalyan (Zepka)First cousin (f)
Ellen Marie Hammer (Sinkovich)First cousin (f)
Stephen HermanFirst cousin (m)
Marie Kalyan (Hannaway)First cousin (f)
Barbara Ann KalyanFirst cousin (f)19431955
Rosemary G. KalyanFirst cousin (f)
Elizabeth Herman (Placek)First cousin (f)
Joseph HammerFirst cousin (m)19421953
Eugene Paul Kalyan Sr.First cousin (m)1941-09-132009-06-18
John Francis BilanskyFirst cousin (m)
Peggy Prokop (Grickis)First cousin (f)1941-01-241994-03-08
Eva HermanFirst cousin (f)abt 1941abt 1941
Michael J. Hammer IIIFirst cousin (m)
John HermanFirst cousin (m)19401987
John Prokop Jr.First cousin (m)19401961
Anna Herman (Dietzel)First cousin (f)
George BilanskyFirst cousin (m)
Andrew HermanFirst cousin (m)
George Herman Jr.First cousin (m)abt 1937abt 1937
Stephen HammerFirst cousin (m)
Anita KalyanFirst cousin (f)
Josephine Kalyan (Durant)First cousin (f)
Mary Ann Hammer (Kersten)First cousin (f)
Francis KalyanFirst cousin (m)
Margaret Bilansky (Rennick)First cousin (f)
Anthony Bilansky Jr.First cousin (m)
John E. KalyanFirst cousin (m)
Stephen BilanskyFirst cousin (m)1928-05-042006-09-03Minersville, PA, USA
Frederick J. KalyanFirst cousin (m)
David ProkopFirst cousin (m)
David TothFirst cousin (m)
Edward ProkopFirst cousin (m)
Jeanie ProkopFirst cousin (f)
Joanie TothFirst cousin (f)
Kathleen Prokop (Biganski)First cousin (f)
Michael ProkopFirst cousin (m)
Michael TothFirst cousin (m)
Michelle ProkopFirst cousin (f)
Robert ProkopFirst cousin (m)
Steven ProkopFirst cousin (m)
Thomas TothFirst cousin (m)
Second cousins
Donald MillerSecond cousin (m)
Gloria Ann Miller (Tallick)Second cousin (f)
Robert John MartinSecond cousin (m)1938-11-20New York, NY, USA1999-10-22Bedford, TX, USA
Joyce FeingoldSecond cousin (f)
Daniel John MartinSecond cousin (m)1936-10-14New York, NY, USA1979-06-30Ellenwood, NJ, USA
Francis MillerSecond cousin (m)
Eleanor Mary MartinSecond cousin (f)1934-01-16New York, NY, USA1977-11-08New York, NY, USA
Elizabeth Rose MartinSecond cousin (f)1932-02-10New York, NY, USA1996-01-23New York, NY, USA
Francis KlemaSecond cousin (m)1928-12-301982-04
Francis Daniel MartinSecond cousin (m)1928-07-27St. Clair, PA, USA1978-03-25Springfield, PA, USA
Virginia KlemaSecond cousin (f)1924-06-151980-11-20
Joseph G. KlemaSecond cousin (m)1919
George KlemaSecond cousin (m)1916
Anna Klema (Kubilis)Second cousin (f)1915-03-14
Agnes Klema (Alfonsi)Second cousin (f)
Bobby ColemanSecond cousin (m)
Elizabeth Klema (Silvestri)Second cousin (f)
Emile KlimkoSecond cousin (m)
Gloria ColemanSecond cousin (f)
Harold ColemanSecond cousin (m)
1st cousins once removed up
Margaret Martin (Miller)1st cousin once removed up (f)1917-08-01St. Clair, PA, USA
Eleanor Martin1st cousin once removed up (f)1914-10-101989-03
Joseph Martin1st cousin once removed up (m)1913St. Clair, PA, USA
Mary Martin (Coleman)1st cousin once removed up (f)1913St. Clair, PA, USA
George Brisuda1st cousin once removed up (m)1909-06St. Clair, PA, USA
John Martin1st cousin once removed up (m)1909St. Clair, PA, USA
Sue D. Martin (Kalmuk)1st cousin once removed up (f)1908-10-031983-12Woodside, NY, USA
Elisabeth Martin (Klimko)1st cousin once removed up (f)1904-03-262000-10-25Frackville, PA, USA
Susan Martin1st cousin once removed up (f)1904St. Clair, PA, USA
Michael Francis Martin1st cousin once removed up (m)1903-03-10St. Clair, PA, USA1978-03-04New York, NY, USA
George Martin1st cousin once removed up (m)1901
John Martin1st cousin once removed up (m)1900-04St. Clair, PA, USA
Anna Martin (Klema)1st cousin once removed up (f)1898-09PA, USA
Elizabeth Martin1st cousin once removed up (f)1895-10
1st cousins once removed
Alex Joseph Stefan1st cousin once removed (m)
Samantha Shay1st cousin once removed (f)
Edward C. Colna Jr.1st cousin once removed (m)
Michael Shay1st cousin once removed (m)
Matthew Stefan1st cousin once removed (m)
Kristen Prokop1st cousin once removed (f)1985-07-092011-06-05
Eric Stefan1st cousin once removed (m)
Amy Colna1st cousin once removed (f)
Christopher M. Shaw1st cousin once removed (m)
Craig S. Hammer1st cousin once removed (m)
Gregory Hannaway1st cousin once removed (m)
Ronald V. Shaw Jr.1st cousin once removed (m)
Andrew David Sinkovich1st cousin once removed (m)19751975
Howard Hammer1st cousin once removed (m)
Jeffrey Bilansky1st cousin once removed (m)
Rodney S. Bilansky1st cousin once removed (m)
Sara Hannaway1st cousin once removed (f)
Steven George Herman1st cousin once removed (m)
Brian Hannaway Sr.1st cousin once removed (m)
Keith E. Hammer1st cousin once removed (m)
Matthew Joseph Sinkovich1st cousin once removed (m)
Brian J. Hammer1st cousin once removed (m)
Theresa Ann Zepka1st cousin once removed (f)
Alan M. Bilansky1st cousin once removed (m)
Debra Marie Bilansky (Musser)1st cousin once removed (f)
John Hannaway Jr.1st cousin once removed (m)
Joseph J. Zepka Jr.1st cousin once removed (m)
Michele Alane Placek1st cousin once removed (f)
Patricia A. Kalyan1st cousin once removed (f)
Sharon Hammer1st cousin once removed (f)
Beth Ehrler Kalyan1st cousin once removed (f)
Mary Lou Kersten (Flaherty)1st cousin once removed (f)
Michael D. Hammer1st cousin once removed (m)
Brian A. Bilansky1st cousin once removed (m)
Mark Allen Placek1st cousin once removed (m)
Michael Herman1st cousin once removed (m)
Frederick John Kalyan1st cousin once removed (m)
Gary J. Bilansky1st cousin once removed (m)
Joan Fullerton Kalyan (Curtis)1st cousin once removed (f)
Mark Stephen Kalyan1st cousin once removed (m)
Barbara M. Bilansky (Brady)1st cousin once removed (f)
Adam P. Dietzel Jr.1st cousin once removed (m)
Anne Gerish Kalyan (Jordan)1st cousin once removed (f)
Mary Agnes T. Bilansky (Doyle)1st cousin once removed (f)
Susan M. Kalyan (Naples)1st cousin once removed (f)
David M. Rennick1st cousin once removed (m)
Richard S. Bilansky1st cousin once removed (m)
Dennis P. Durant1st cousin once removed (m)
Kristine M. Kalyan (Mangino)1st cousin once removed (f)
Stephen G. Bilansky1st cousin once removed (m)
Richard M. Durant1st cousin once removed (m)
Anthony M. Bilansky1st cousin once removed (m)
John David Kalyan1st cousin once removed (m)
Joseph Francis Rennick Jr.1st cousin once removed (m)
Brian Hollick1st cousin once removed (m)
Christina Donati1st cousin once removed (f)
David Donati1st cousin once removed (m)
Deborah Rennick1st cousin once removed (m)
Eugene Paul Kalyan Jr.1st cousin once removed (m)
George Rennick1st cousin once removed (m)
James Kalyan1st cousin once removed (m)
Jason Kalyan1st cousin once removed (m)
Jeffrey Kalyan1st cousin once removed (m)
Leah Toth1st cousin once removed (f)
Michael Prokop1st cousin once removed (m)
Pamela S. Kalyan (Goff)1st cousin once removed (f)
Paul Donati1st cousin once removed (m)
Richard Hollick Jr.1st cousin once removed (m)
Tiffany Prokop1st cousin once removed (f)
Timothy Kalyan1st cousin once removed (m)
Todd Prokop1st cousin once removed (m)
Trevor Prokop1st cousin once removed (m)
1st cousins twice removed
Nicholas Joseph Hammer1st cousin twice removed (m)
Ryan Joseph Doyle1st cousin twice removed (m)
Adam P. Dietzel III1st cousin twice removed (m)
Justine Robert Doyle1st cousin twice removed (m)
Brianna Hannaway1st cousin twice removed (f)
John Nicholas Kalyan1st cousin twice removed (m)
Christine Marie Dietzel1st cousin twice removed (m)
Christine Marie Kalyan1st cousin twice removed (f)
Christopher M. Naples1st cousin twice removed (m)
Brian Hannaway Jr.1st cousin twice removed (m)
Audrey Lynn Bilansky1st cousin twice removed (f)
Kristopher Mangino1st cousin twice removed (m)
Megan K. Naples1st cousin twice removed (f)
Stephen Mangino1st cousin twice removed (m)
David D. Naples Jr.1st cousin twice removed (m)
Aric Stephen Bilansky1st cousin twice removed (m)
Marc Mangino1st cousin twice removed (m)
Alan M. Bilansky1st cousin twice removed (m)
Goff1st cousin twice removed (m)
Paige Nebistinsky1st cousin twice removed (m)
2nd cousins once removed
John Francis Martin2nd cousin once removed (m)
Stephanie Anne Martin2nd cousin once removed (f)
Girard Klema2nd cousin once removed (m)
Robert Michael Martin2nd cousin once removed (m)
Dana E. Martin2nd cousin once removed (f)
Dante Del Giorno2nd cousin once removed (m)
Erin J. Miller2nd cousin once removed (f)
Caroline Maarten2nd cousin once removed (f)
Elaine T. Miller2nd cousin once removed (f)
Diane L. Miller2nd cousin once removed (f)
Janice E. Miller2nd cousin once removed (f)
Ann Marie Martin2nd cousin once removed (f)
Kenneth Notturno2nd cousin once removed (m)
Alfonsi (Haner)2nd cousin once removed (f)
Ann Klema2nd cousin once removed (f)
Daniel M. Martin2nd cousin once removed (m)
Frances Martin2nd cousin once removed (f)
Gregory Tallick2nd cousin once removed (m)
Joseph Frazzo2nd cousin once removed (m)
Nicole Tallick2nd cousin once removed (f)
Patricia Martin2nd cousin once removed (f)
Rita June2nd cousin once removed (f)
Robert Kubilis2nd cousin once removed (m)
2nd cousins twice removed
Noah Brown2nd cousin twice removed (m)
Zane Brown2nd cousin twice removed (m)
Anna Elizabeth Brown2nd cousin twice removed (f)
Kevin Miller2nd cousin twice removed (m)
Kristy Miller2nd cousin twice removed (f)
Lori Miller2nd cousin twice removed (f)
Kelly Miller2nd cousin twice removed (f)
Matthew Joe Hicks2nd cousin twice removed (m)
Brian Miller2nd cousin twice removed (m)
Ryan Miller2nd cousin twice removed (m)
Steven Miller2nd cousin twice removed (m)
Michael Miller2nd cousin twice removed (m)
Robert Miller2nd cousin twice removed (m)
Katherine Klema2nd cousin twice removed (f)
Robert M. Haner2nd cousin twice removed (m)

World History

Date Historic Event Category
Nov 30, 1874 - Jan 24, 1965 (-72.7) - 17.5 Life of Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill Personalities
Jan 5, 1876 - Apr 19, 1967 (-71.6) - 19.8 Life of Konrad Adenauer Personalities
Mar 14, 1879 - Apr 18, 1955 (-68.4) - 7.8 Life of Albert Einstein Personalities
Aug 6, 1881 - Mar 11, 1955 (-66.0) - 7.7 Life of Alexander Fleming Personalities
Jan 21, 1884 - Dec 12, 1963 (-63.5) - 16.4 Life of Theodor Heuss Personalities
Oct 14, 1890 - Mar 28, 1969 (-56.8) - 21.7 Life of Dwight David Eisenhower Personalities
Dec 5, 1901 - Dec 15, 1966 (-45.6) - 19.4 Life of Walter Elias Disney Personalities
May 29, 1917 - Nov 22, 1963 (-30.2) - 16.4 Life of John F. Kennedy Personalities
Jun 14, 1928 - Oct 9, 1967 (-19.1) - 20.2 Life of Che Guevara Personalities
Jan 15, 1929 - Apr 4, 1968 (-18.5) - 20.7 Life of Martin Luther King Personalities
Aug 5, 1930 - Today (-17.0) Life of Neil Armstrong Personalities
Dec 11, 1936 - Feb 6, 1952 (-10.6) - 4.6 Queen consort of the United Kingdom: Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon 'Queen Mum' Great Britain
Apr 12, 1945 - Jan 20, 1953 (-2.3) - 5.5 President of the United States of America: Harry S. Truman USA - Presidents
Oct 14, 1947 0.2 First supersonic flight of the Bell X-1 Aviation History
Dec 21, 1948 1.4 Republic of Ireland Act Great Britain
1949 1.5 Establishment of Circuit City Companies
May 23, 1949 1.8 Establishment of the Federal Republic of Germany Germany
Sep 15, 1949 - Oct 16, 1963 2.2 - 16.3 Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany: Konrad Adenauer Germany - Chancellors
Oct 7, 1949 2.2 Establishment of the German Democratic Repulbic Germany
Oct 11, 1949 - Sep 7, 1960 2.2 - 13.2 Wilhelm Pieck - State President of the GDR GDR
1950 - 1953 2.5 - 5.5 Korean War Wars & Military Conflicts
Jun 17, 1950 2.9 First successful organ transplant Medicine
Jan 22, 1952 4.5 First jet airliner in regular commercial use Aviation History
Feb 6, 1952 - Today 4.6 Queen of the United Kingdom: Elizabeth II Great Britain
Jan 20, 1953 - Jan 20, 1961 5.5 - 13.5 President of the United States of America: Dwight D. Eisenhower USA - Presidents
Jun 17, 1953 5.9 Uprising of June 17, 1953 in East Germany Germany
Feb 24, 1955 - Today 7.6 Life of Steven 'Steve' Paul Jobs Personalities
Oct 4, 1957 10.2 Sputnik launched: first artificial satellite in Earth's orbit Technology
Oct 5, 1958 11.2 Begin of the 5th French Republic France
1959 - Apr 30, 1975 11.5 - 27.8 Vietnam War Wars & Military Conflicts
1960 - 1973 12.5 - 25.5 Walter Ulbricht - Chairman of the Council of State of the GDR GDR
Jan 20, 1961 - Nov 22, 1963 13.5 - 16.4 President of the United States of America: John F. Kennedy USA - Presidents
Apr 12, 1961 13.7 First human in space Technology
May 25, 1961 - Jul 24, 1975 13.9 - 28.0 Apollo Space Program Technology
Oct 11, 1962 - Dec 8, 1965 15.2 - 18.4 Second Vatican Council World
Oct 16, 1962 - Oct 28, 1962 15.3 Cuban Missile Crisis ('October Crisis') USA
Aug 13, 1963 16.1 Construction of the Berlin Wall Germany
Oct 16, 1963 - Dec 1, 1966 16.3 - 19.4 Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany: Ludwig Erhard Germany - Chancellors
Nov 22, 1963 - Jan 20, 1969 16.4 - 21.5 President of the United States of America: Lyndon B. Johnson USA - Presidents
1966 - 1973 18.5 - 25.5 Construction period of the World Trade Center Monuments
Dec 1, 1966 - Oct 21, 1969 19.4 - 22.3 Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany: Kurt Georg Kiesinger Germany - Chancellors
1967 19.5 Founding of the European Community (EC) Europian Union
Jan 20, 1969 - Aug 9, 1974 21.5 - 27.1 President of the United States of America: Richard Nixon USA - Presidents
Jul 20, 1969 22.0 First Man on the Moon Technology
Oct 21, 1969 - May 7, 1974 22.3 - 26.8 Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany: Willy Brandt Germany - Chancellors
Oct 31, 1969 22.3 Establishment of Wal Mart Companies
Jul 21, 1972 25.0 Bloody Friday Great Britain
1973 - 1976 25.5 - 28.5 Willi Stoph - Chairman of the Council of State of the GDR GDR
May 16, 1974 - Oct 1, 1982 26.8 - 35.2 Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany: Helmut Schmidt Germany - Chancellors
Aug 9, 1974 - Jan 20, 1977 27.1 - 29.5 President of the United States of America: Gerald Ford USA - Presidents
Nov 20, 1975 28.4 Franco's Death, end of the Francoist regime Spain
1976 - 1989 28.5 - 41.5 Erich Honecker - Chairman of the Council of State of the GDR GDR
Apr 1, 1976 28.7 Apple Computer is established Apple Inc. - Corporate History
Jan 20, 1977 - Jan 20, 1981 29.5 - 33.5 President of the United States of America: Jimmy Carter USA - Presidents
Apr 16, 1977 29.8 Introduction of the Apple II Apple Inc. - Corporate History
Dec 27, 1979 - Feb 15, 1989 32.5 - 41.6 Soviet-Afghan War (1979-1989) Wars & Military Conflicts
Sep 22, 1980 - Aug 20, 1988 33.2 - 41.1 First Gulf War ('Iran-Iraq War') Wars & Military Conflicts
Jan 20, 1981 - Jan 20, 1989 33.5 - 41.5 President of the United States of America: Ronald Reagan USA - Presidents
Apr 2, 1982 - Jun 14, 1982 34.7 - 34.9 Falklands War Wars & Military Conflicts
Oct 1, 1982 - Oct 27, 1998 35.2 - 51.3 Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany: Helmut Kohl Germany - Chancellors
1983 35.5 Discovery of HIV Medicine
Jan 19, 1983 35.5 Introduction of the Apple Lisa Apple Inc. - Corporate History
Jan 24, 1984 36.5 Introduction of the Macintosh Apple Inc. - Corporate History
Jan 20, 1989 - Jan 20, 1993 41.5 - 45.5 President of the United States of America: George H. W. Bush USA - Presidents
Oct 18, 1989 - Dec 3, 1989 42.3 - 42.4 Egon Krenz - Chairman of the Council of State of the GDR GDR
Aug 2, 1990 - Feb 28, 1991 43.1 - 43.6 Second Gulf War ('Operation Desert Shield', 'Operation Desert Storm') Wars & Military Conflicts
Oct 3, 1990 43.2 German reunification Germany
Dec 8, 1991 44.4 Signing of the Belavezha Accords, declaring the Soviet Union dissolved Russia
1992 - 1996 44.5 - 48.5 Afghan Civil War Wars & Military Conflicts
Jan 20, 1993 - Jan 20, 2001 45.5 - 53.5 President of the United States of America: Bill Clinton USA - Presidents
Aug 4, 1993 46.1 Introduction of the Apple Newton Apple Inc. - Corporate History
Nov 1, 1993 46.3 Founding of the European Union (EU) Europian Union
1994 - 1996 46.5 - 48.5 First Chechen War ('War in Chechnya') Wars & Military Conflicts
Jan 17, 1995 47.5 Kobe Earthquake Disasters
1998 - 1999 50.5 - 51.5 Kosovo War ('Kosovo Conflict') Wars & Military Conflicts
1998 - 2003 50.5 - 55.5 Second Congo War ('Great War of Africa') Wars & Military Conflicts
Aug 15, 1998 51.1 Introduction of the Apple iMac Apple Inc. - Corporate History
Oct 27, 1998 - Nov 22, 2005 51.3 - 58.4 Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany: Gerhard Schröder Germany - Chancellors
Jan 1, 1999 51.5 ECU as an internal accounting unit in the European Community Europian Union
Jan 20, 2001 - Jan 20, 2009 53.5 - 61.6 President of the United States of America: George W. Bush USA - Presidents
Sep 11, 2001 54.2 September 11 attacks ('9/11') USA
Oct 7, 2001 - Today 54.3 Afghanistan War Wars & Military Conflicts
Oct 23, 2001 54.3 Apple iPod introduced Apple Inc. - Corporate History
Jan 1, 2002 54.5 Introduction of the Euro Europian Union
Mar 20, 2003 - Today 55.7 Third Gulf War ('Iraq War') Wars & Military Conflicts
Dec 26, 2004 57.5 Indian Ocean Tsunami Disasters
Jun 6, 2005 57.9 Apple switches to Intel CPU architecture Apple Inc. - Corporate History
Nov 22, 2005 - Today 58.4 Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany: Angela Merkel Germany - Chancellors
Jan 9, 2007 59.5 Introduction of the Apple iPhone Apple Inc. - Corporate History
Jan 20, 2009 - Today 61.6 President of the United States of America: Barack Obama USA - Presidents