David Toth


David Toth Victor Toth Mary Prokop MICHAEL PROKOP CATHERINE HUZAR Patricia Ann Leah Toth


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
 Victor Toth  Mary Prokop

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children
 Patricia Ann 1952-05-14  Leah Toth




Events pertaining living persons have been left out to protect their privacy.


Events pertaining living persons have been left out to protect their privacy.



NameDegree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
Patricia Ann (Toth)Partner or Wife1952-05-141993-02-02
Brothers & Sisters
Joanie TothSister
Michael TothBrother
Thomas TothBrother
Leah TothDaughter
Mary ProkopMother
Victor TothFather
CATHERINE HUZAR (PROKOP)Grandmother1894-05-01Galicia, Poland1978-08-04
MICHAEL PROKOPGrandfather1893-10-02Galicia, Poland1948-02-03
Nephews & Nieces
Deborah RennickNephew
George RennickNephew
Grandnephews & Grandnieces
Paige NebistinskyGrandnephew
Uncles & Aunts
Anna ProkopAunt19921925
Paul ProkopUncle1927-05-152004-01-17St. Clair, PA, USA
Catherine Prokop (Kalyan)Aunt
John Prokop Sr.Uncle19181963
MICHAELINA J. PROKOP (KALYAN)Aunt1915-11-09Mahanoy City, PA, USA1982-05-09Pottsville, PA, USA
Stephen M. ProkopUncle1989-06-13
Uncles-in-law & Aunts-in-law
Andrew KalyanUncle-in-law1920-10-27Pottsville, PA, USA2003-10-12Enfield, CT, USA
GEORGE KALYANUncle-in-law1916-04-09St. Clair, PA, USA1989-06-27Hershey, PA, USA
Nancy Jane KalyanFirst cousin (f)
Catherine Kalyan (Zepka)First cousin (f)
Ronald Paul Kalyan Sr.First cousin (m)
George Michael KalyanFirst cousin (m)1941-10-19Pottsville, PA, USA1992-08-10Pottsville, PA, USA
Peggy Prokop (Grickis)First cousin (f)1941-01-241994-03-08
John Prokop Jr.First cousin (m)19401961
David ProkopFirst cousin (m)
Edward ProkopFirst cousin (m)
Jeanie ProkopFirst cousin (f)
Kathleen Prokop (Biganski)First cousin (f)
Michael ProkopFirst cousin (m)
Michelle ProkopFirst cousin (f)
Robert ProkopFirst cousin (m)
Steven ProkopFirst cousin (m)
1st cousins once removed
Kristen Prokop1st cousin once removed (f)1985-07-092011-06-05
Mark David Kalyan1st cousin once removed (m)
MICHAEL PAUL KALYAN1st cousin once removed (m)
Jennifer L. Kalyan1st cousin once removed (f)
Jeffrey Scott Kalyan1st cousin once removed (m)
Edward Francis Kalyan Jr.1st cousin once removed (m)
Sherry Ann Kalyan (Buonapane)1st cousin once removed (f)
Ronald Paul Kalyan Jr.1st cousin once removed (m)
Theresa Ann Zepka1st cousin once removed (f)
Joseph J. Zepka Jr.1st cousin once removed (m)
Brian Hollick1st cousin once removed (m)
Michael Prokop1st cousin once removed (m)
Richard Hollick Jr.1st cousin once removed (m)
Tiffany Prokop1st cousin once removed (f)
Todd Prokop1st cousin once removed (m)
Trevor Prokop1st cousin once removed (m)
1st cousins twice removed
Mason Owen Kalyan1st cousin twice removed (m)
Hazel Mae Kazi1st cousin twice removed (f)
Nathan Andrew Kalyan1st cousin twice removed (m)
Joshua Edward Kalyan1st cousin twice removed (m)
Violet Kazi1st cousin twice removed (f)
Aaron Halim Kazi Jr.1st cousin twice removed (m)
Cody Ray Kalyan1st cousin twice removed (m)
Cassidy Kalyan1st cousin twice removed (f)

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