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Birth 1657 Lancaster County USA
Death 1725-12-22 Baltimore County USA St. Paul's Protestant Episcopal Church




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URL title: Will of Charles Merryman
Will of Charles Merryman

16 Jan 1724 Probated 14 Jan 1725

Baltimore Co. MD

SLC Family History Microfilm 0012847 Probate Records of MD Vol 17-18 1721-1726

In the Name of God Amen. The sixteenth day of January one Thousand seven Hundred and Twenty four. I Charles MARRYMAN of Baltimore County & Province of Maryland planter being of perfect mind and memory thanks be given unto God for & calling to mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for man once to die, Do make and ordain this my last will and Testament in manner and form following, that is to say first and principally I give my soul into the hands of God who gave it to me and for my body I command it to the Earth to be buried in Christian and decent manner nothing doubting but altho general I ? I shall receive the same again by the mighty power of God and as touching my worldly Estate is herewith it hath pleased God to bless me in this life I give, devise and I signeth and dispose the same in manner and form following.

Item: I do hereby nominate, constitute and appoint my true and beloved wife Mary MARRYMAN to be my whole and sole Executrix to see all my lawful and just debts be paid.

Item: I give and I bequeath my dwelling plantation with the land and woods thereunto belonging jointly and equally between my wife Mary MARRYMAN and my daughter Elizabeth COX jointly and equally to be enjoyed by the said parties during the natural life of my said wife and at her decease ?/ to my daughter Elizabeth COX and the heirs of her body lawfully begotten for ever.

Item: I give and bequeath unto my said Executrix all and singular my personal Estate remaining after my just debts are paid and do hereby Impower her my said Executrix ? to will I bequeath, devise and dispose the same as she shall think fit peaceably and give authority to enjoy or dispose of the same without any manner of lott hindrance or molestation from any person or persons whatsoever.

Item: I give and bequeath unto my grandson Marryman COX one hundred acres of land beginning at the Tanners Run and running up the said run with my outward line till it comes to one Hundred acres.

Item I give and bequeath unto my Eldest son John MARRYMAN one piece of money to the value of one shilling Sterling.

Item I give and bequeath to my youngest son Samuel MARRYMAN one piece of money to the value of one shilling sterling.

And I do hereby utterly disallow revoke and annull all and every other former Testament, Wills, ? , Requests and Executors by me in any wise before this time namely Wills I bequeathed, ratifying and confirming this and none other to be my last Will and Testament. In witness thereof I have hereby set my hand and seal this day and year above mentioned. Signed CHARLES (CM his mark) MARRYMAN (his Seal)

Signed Sealed Published Pronounced and Declared by the said Charles MARRYMAN as his last Will and Testament in the presence of us: Edward COOK, Johns (J his mark) ROBINSON, James POWELL, Mordicai (M his mark) PRICE, John ( X his mark) WELCH, Hannah (H her mark) COX.

At the foot of the foregoing will was thus written Viz: Maryland for Baltimore County Jan 14th 1725 came Edward COOK & James POWELL Johns ROBINSON & Hanna COX subscribing witnesses to the aforegoing Will and made oath on the Holy Evangelist of Almighty God that they saw the Testator Charles MARRYMAN sign and seal and heard him publish and Declare this as his Last Will and Testament at that at the time of his so doing he was to the best of their knowledge and apprehension of sound and disposing mind and memory and that the subscribed the said will in presence of the said Testator sworn to before me Tho. Sherirdine D. Com. Baltimore County.


1658-1758 Charles County, MD Families


NameDegree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
MARY HAILE (MERRYMAN)Wife1652-07-06York County, VA, USAAFT 1725Baltimore County, MD, USA
ELIZABETH MERRYMAN (COX)DaughterABT 1700Baltimore County, MD, USA1770-12-07Baltimore County, MD, USA
AUDRIE HAYNIE (MERRYMAN)MotherABT 1627EnglandAFT 1680-11Lancaster County, VA, USA
JOHN MERRYMANFather1599-05-04Quedgeley, Gloucester, England1673/1674-01-13Lancaster County, VA, USA
JACOB COXGrandson1725-07-07Baltimore County, MD, USA1798-06-24Baltimore County, MD, USA
Great grandchildren
RACHEL COX (MARSHALL)Great granddaughter1751Baltimore, MD, USA1804 or 1809?Baltimore, MD, USA
Second grandchildren
RACHEL MARSHALL (HOFFMAN)Second granddaughter1780Baltimore, MD, USA1860-02-02Wayne, IN, USA
Third grandchildren
JACOB HOFFMANThird grandson09-29-1807Baltimore, MD, USA1860Baltimore, MD, USA
Fourth grandchildren
Sally/Sarah? HoffmanFourth granddaughterabt 1854PA, USA
Elizabeth HoffmanFourth granddaughterabt 1849BEF 1860South Cass Township, PA, USA
Thomas Marshall HoffmanFourth grandsonabt 1841PA, USA
George Washington HoffmanFourth grandsonabt 1838PA, USA
MARY HOFFMAN (PURCELL)Fourth granddaughterabt 1832MD, USASouth Cass Township, PA, USA
Fifth grandchildren
Henry PurcellFifth grandsonabt 1869PA, USA
Louisa HoffmanFifth grandsonABT 1869Schuylkill County, South Cass, PA, USA
Mary Ellen PurcellFifth granddaughterabt 1867PA, USA
Thomas E. HoffmanFifth grandsonABT 1867Schuylkill County, South Cass, PA, USA
Charles PurcellFifth grandsonabt 1865PA, USA
Elizabeth A. HoffmanFifth granddaughterABT 1865Schuylkill County, South Cass, PA, USA
Thomas PurcellFifth grandsonabt 1863PA, USA
George HoffmanFifth grandsonABT 1862Schuylkill County, South Cass, PA, USA
John PurcellFifth grandsonabt 1861PA, USA
GEORGE PURCELLFifth grandson18591918-07-20South Cass Township, PA, USA
Ann PurcellFifth granddaughterabt 1857PA, USA
Richard PurcellFifth grandsonabt 1855
Elizabeth PurcellFifth granddaughterabt 1852PA, USA
Eleanor PurcellFifth granddaughter
Joseph PurcellFifth grandson
6th grandchildren
Elizabeth Purcell6th granddaughterabt 1903
VINCENT PURCELL6th grandson1898-05-01Jonestown, PA, USA1960-08-12
George Purcell6th grandson1895-04-12South Cass Township, PA, USA1955-11-21Minersville, PA, USA
James D. Purcell6th grandson1893-05-09Jonestown, PA, USA
Charles George Purcell6th grandson1887-11-23Jonestown, PA, USA1957-01-14Pottsville, PA, USA
Thomas Purcell6th grandson1885-10-04Jonestown, PA, USA
William Purcell6th grandsonABT 1882Jonestown, PA, USA
Annie? Purcell?6th granddaughter
Ethel? Purcell?6th granddaughter
Mary Purcell6th granddaughter
7th grandchildren
MARGY PURCELL (BOHR)7th granddaughter1928-06-021996-04-15Pottsville, PA, USA
George Purcell7th grandson
Jean Purcell7th granddaughterABT 19261995-12
Betty Lou Purcell (Homa)7th granddaughter
Robert Emmett Purcell7th grandson1916-02-17Jonestown, PA, USA1997-02-24Harrisburg, PA, USA
?? Purcell7th grandson
Agnes Purcell7th granddaughter
Baby Boy Purcell7th grandson
Margaret Purcell7th granddaughter
Purcell7th grandson
Purcell7th grandson
Purcell7th grandson
Purcell7th grandson
Purcell7th grandson
Purcell7th grandson
Purcell7th grandson
Purcell7th grandson
Purcell7th grandson
Purcell7th granddaughter
Purcell7th granddaughter
Purcell7th granddaughter
Purcell7th granddaughter
Purcell7th granddaughter
Purcell7th granddaughter
Vincent Purcell7th grandson
NICHOLAS HAILEFather-in-law1628England1670-07-13Lancaster County, VA, USA
MARY?? TRAVERS?? (HAILE)Mother-in-law
Sons- & Daugthers-in-law
JACOB COXSon-in-law1696Baltimore County, MD, USA1724-11-01Baltimore County, MD, USA
ELIZABETH GAIN (COX)Granddaughter-in-law1728-01-13Baltimore, MD, USABEF 1797

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