Stephan Heininger


Stephan Heininger Adam Heininger STEPHAN HEININGER ANNA MARIA ROLLER Anna Barbara Fenchel Maria Justina Gehring Maria Magdalena Heininger


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
 Adam Heininger 1674-03-28  Anna Barbara Fenchel 1674-07-07

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children
 Maria Justina Gehring 1703-03-04  Maria Magdalena Heininger


Event Type Date Place Country Description
Birth 1700-04-02 Sindelfingen Germany
Occupation Sindelfingen Germany Citizen
Occupation farmer
Death 1777-01-18 Sindelfingen Germany






NameDegree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
Maria Justina Gehring (Heininger)Wife1703-03-04Sindelfingen, Germany1734-05-05Sindelfingen, Germany
Maria Magdalena Heininger (Schumacher)Daughter1732-07-12Sindelfingen, Germany1802-09-15Sindelfingen, Germany
Anna Barbara FenchelMother1674-07-07Sindelfingen, Germany1742-06-28Sindelfingen, Germany
Adam HeiningerFather1674-03-28Sindelfingen, Germany1753-11-23Sindelfingen, Germany
Johann Zacharias SchumacherGrandson1772-09-20Sindelfingen, Germany1855-05-11Sindelfingen, Germany
Great grandchildren
Jakob Friedrich SchumacherGreat grandson1809-03-27Sindelfingen, Germany1887-10-15Sindelfingen, Germany
Johann Christian SchumacherGreat grandson1799-08-23Sindelfingen, Germany1856-09-01Sindelfingen, Germany
Maria Katharina SchumacherGreat granddaughter1793-04-04Sindelfingen, Germany1859-01-26Sindelfingen, Germany
Second grandchildren
Marie Luise Schumacher (Schumacher)Second granddaughter1857-07-31Sindelfingen, Germany1932-10-09Sindelfingen, Germany
Karl Friedrich SchumacherSecond grandson1847-03-23Sindelfingen, Germany
Jakob Friedrich SchumacherSecond grandson1841-02-02Sindelfingen, Germany
Johann Christoph RuoffSecond grandson1822-03-04Sindelfingen, Germany1874-01-26Sindelfingen, Germany
Third grandchildren
Ernst Heinrich SchumacherThird grandson1892-02-19Sindelfingen, Germany1929-11-01Sindelfingen, Germany
Wilhelm Gottlob SchumacherThird grandson1885-01-14Sindelfingen, Germany1936-10-17Sindelfingen, Germany
Albert Friedrich RuoffThird grandson1864-06-03Sindelfingen, Germany1938-10-17Sindelfingen, Germany
Fourth grandchildren
Elise Rosine RuoffFourth granddaughter1893-07-27Sindelfingen, Germany
Albert Gottlieb RuoffFourth grandson1892-08-20Sindelfingen, Germany1914-08-10
Hilde SchumacherFourth granddaughter
Otto Friedrich RuoffFourth grandson
Fifth grandchildren
Karl Albert RuoffFifth grandson
ANNA MARIA ROLLER (HEININGER)Grandmother1646-06-28Sindelfingen, Germany1732-08-19Sindelfingen, Germany
STEPHAN HEININGERGrandfather1637Kirnach, Sankt Georgen im Schwarzwald, Germany1696-02-20Sindelfingen, Germany
Great grandparents
JOHANN ROLLERGreat grandfather
Sons- & Daugthers-in-law
Johann Zacharias SchumacherSon-in-law1745-12-06Sindelfingen, Germany1786-09-30Sindelfingen, Germany
Uncles & Aunts
ANNA KATHARINA HEININGER (HELD)Aunt1686-08-27Sindelfingen, Germany1766-01-31Sindelfingen, Germany
Anna Maria Heininger (Kling)Aunt1683-09-26
Johann Christian HeiningerUncle1668-12-251730-01-04
Hans Jerg HeiningerUncle1667-01-251747-11-16
Uncles-in-law & Aunts-in-law
JOHANN JAKOB HELDUncle-in-law1677-07-20Sindelfingen, Germany1735-04-20Sindelfingen, Germany
Johann Jakob KlingUncle-in-law
Johann Heinrich HeldFirst cousin (m)1715-04-04Sindelfingen, Germany1793-12-31Sindelfingen, Germany
Johann Jakob HeldFirst cousin (m)1713-04-25Sindelfingen, Germany1766-09-28Sindelfingen, Germany
MARIA MAGDALENA HELD (LEONHARDT)First cousin (f)1710-12-22Sindelfingen, Germany1773-08-05Sindelfingen, Germany
Johann Georg HeiningerFirst cousin (m)1703-08-08Sindelfingen, GermanySindelfingen, Germany
Johann Jakob HeiningerFirst cousin (m)1689-04-161761-03-18Sindelfingen, Germany
HeiningerFirst cousin (f)
HeiningerFirst cousin (f)
HeiningerFirst cousin (f)
1st cousins once removed
Christian Leonhardt1st cousin once removed (m)1747-10-10Sindelfingen, Germany
Maria Dorothea Held (Wanner)1st cousin once removed (f)1739-11-30Sindelfingen, Germany
Johannes Leonhardt1st cousin once removed (m)1738-05-10Sindelfingen, Germany
REBEKKA LEONHARDT (KLEIN)1st cousin once removed (f)1736-04-03Sindelfingen, Germany1765-12-19Sindelfingen, Germany
1st cousins twice removed
Philipp Jakob Klein1st cousin twice removed (m)1760-07-05Sindelfingen, Germany1814-03-05Sindelfingen, Germany
MARIA MAGDALENE KLEIN (KLEIN)1st cousin twice removed (f)1758-11-10Sindelfingen, Germany1829-02-22Sindelfingen, Germany
1st cousins 3 times removed
Christine Friederike Klein (Schumacher)1st cousin 3 times removed (f)1823-09-05Sindelfingen, Germany1897-01-24Sindelfingen, Germany
Maria Margarete Klein (Schumacher)1st cousin 3 times removed (f)1801-02-23Sindelfingen, Germany1872-06-02Sindelfingen, Germany
Johann Heinrich Klein1st cousin 3 times removed (m)1799-09-25Sindelfingen, Germany
REGINA MAGDALENE KLEIN (BAUSCH)1st cousin 3 times removed (f)1792-09-281828-12-31
Christian Klein1st cousin 3 times removed (m)1786-12-01Sindelfingen, Germany1845-07-06Yonkers, NY, USA
Johann Georg Klein1st cousin 3 times removed (m)1785-01-29Sindelfingen, Germany1812-08-09Sindelfingen, Germany
Heinrich Klein1st cousin 3 times removed (m)1784-02-26Sindelfingen, Germany1836-12-18Sindelfingen, Germany
Johannes Klein1st cousin 3 times removed (m)1779-09-07Sindelfingen, Germany1858-03-24Sindelfingen, Germany
1st cousins 4 times removed
Gottlob Adam Schumacher1st cousin 4 times removed (m)1853-12-04Sindelfingen, Germany1930-10-29Sindelfingen, Germany
Karl Friedrich Schumacher1st cousin 4 times removed (m)1847-03-23Sindelfingen, Germany
Jakob Friedrich Schumacher1st cousin 4 times removed (m)1841-02-02Sindelfingen, Germany
Katharine Luise Klein (Schwab)1st cousin 4 times removed (f)1829-04-08
Christoph Gottlieb Klein1st cousin 4 times removed (m)1821-11-03Sindelfingen, Germany
Katharine Dorothee Klein (Kärcher)1st cousin 4 times removed (f)1818-01-11
Gottlieb Friedrich Klein1st cousin 4 times removed (m)1817-09-12Sindelfingen, Germany
JOHANN GEORG BAUSCH1st cousin 4 times removed (m)1815-12-03Sindelfingen, Neckarkreis, Wuerttemberg, Germany
Christiane Regine Klein (Kohler)1st cousin 4 times removed (f)1814-09-21Sindelfingen, Germany1840-09-30Sindelfingen, Germany
Johann Christian Klein1st cousin 4 times removed (m)1812-11-04Sindelfingen, Germany
Jakob Andreas Klein1st cousin 4 times removed (m)1806-11-17Sindelfingen, Germany1869-09-25Sindelfingen, Germany
Johannes Klein1st cousin 4 times removed (m)1804-04-17Sindelfingen, Germany1864-10-31Sindelfingen, Germany
Maria Katharina Zeile (Schumacher)Granddaughter-in-law1772-04-09Sindelfingen, Germany1851-06-06Sindelfingen, Germany

World History

Date Historic Event Category
Dec 25, 1642 - Mar 20, 1726 (-57.3) - 26.0 Life of Isaac Newton Personalities
Mar 21, 1685 - Jul 28, 1750 (-15.0) - 50.4 Life of Johann Sebastian Bach Personalities
May 24, 1686 - Sep 16, 1736 (-13.9) - 36.5 Life of Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit Personalities
Jan 18, 1689 - Feb 10, 1755 (-11.2) - 54.9 Life of Charles De Secondat, Baron de Montequieu Personalities
Jan 17, 1706 - Apr 17, 1790 5.8 - 90.1 Life of Benjamin Franklin Personalities
Feb 22, 1732 - Dec 14, 1799 31.9 - 99.8 Life of George Washington Personalities
Dec 23, 1732 - Aug 5, 1792 32.7 - 92.4 Life of Richard Arkwright Personalities
1737 36.8 Dissolution of the House of Medici Italy
Aug 28, 1749 - Mar 22, 1832 49.4 - 132.1 Life of Johann Wolfgang Goethe Personalities
Nov 1, 1755 55.6 Great Lisbon Earthquake Disasters
1756 - 1763 55.8 - 62.8 Seven Years' War Wars & Military Conflicts
Feb 10, 1763 62.9 Treaty of 1763 ('Peace of Paris'), Spain cedes Florida to Britain. USA
Aug 15, 1769 - May 5, 1821 69.4 - 121.2 Life of Napoléon Bonaparte Personalities
Dec 17, 1770 - Mar 26, 1827 70.8 - 127.1 Life of Ludwig von Beethoven Personalities
Dec 16, 1773 73.8 Boston Tea Party USA
Jan 20, 1775 - Jun 10, 1836 74.9 - 136.3 Life of André Marie Ampère Personalities
Jul 4, 1776 76.3 Declaration of Independence USA