Kalyan-Bohr Family Tree
Created on Nov 15, 2011
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Name Mike Kalyan
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Hello, my name is Michael Kalyan, and this is my family tree website (so forgive the exported design until I can tweak the code). If you find your name in this tree or have additional information that you wish to share (especially if you are a relative from Europe), please do not hesitate to send me an email by clicking here.

The main source names for this website are (listed alphabetically below):

Father's (Kalyan's) side:
  • Estock (or Estoke) - source is Slovakian
  • Husar - source is Polish or Ukrainian
  • Kalyan (or Kalnyan, Kalyijan or Kalian) - source is Slovakian
  • Prokop (or Prokup) - source is Polish or Ukrainian

  • Mother's (Bohr's) side:
  • Bausch - source is German
  • Bohr (or Borr, Barr) - source is German and possibly Danish
  • Dando - source is English
  • Hamm - source is German
  • Hoffman - source is unknown
  • James - source is Welsh
  • Kramer (or Kraemer) - source is German
  • Leinzendorfer - source is German
  • Montag - source is German
  • Purcell - source is believed to be Irish or English/Welsh
  • Stevenson - source is Scottish
  • Yeasted - source is unknown
  • Zeitz - source is German

  • On my maternal grandmother's side, we've been very lucky that a book called Sindelfingen Familien was published back in 1961 that details many of the family lines from Sindelfingen, Germany. It is because of this book and the information provided by Karl Held in his family tree that I've been able to go back to the 1400s Germany. Additionally, because of other historians/genealogists, my maternal grandfather's side has been traced back through Colonial Virginia and Maryland. I'd like to thank Mike Marshall for sharing his family tree online. You can navigate the site by clicking the links at the top of the page or on the left navigation to search by person (sorted by last name) or by family (by last name).

    Information for those people who are still living is limited to name only.

    Special thanks to family historians – Edith Bohr (R.I.P.) and Anita Kalyan. Information also gathered from searches on Ancestry.com and FamilySearch.org.